The Church

The Holy Church, also referred simply as “the Church”, is a powerful international religious organization.

The Church holds a great level of animosity towards Vampires. There is no great reason for specifically hunting them down with such fervency other than that they only like humans. Beings that are not human can be controlled, so they don’t need to be made into enemies; they can coexist with completely different races. But Vampires are beings born from humans; they carry the possibility of “infection” to other humans, so they are treated like diseases that need to be cut off.
The Church mainly began to take this view with the founding of the Burial Agency, as it was created for the very purpose of killing them.

Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament
The Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament is a special agency made up of a group of special clerics charged with the research, recovery, and managing of holy relics scattered across the globe. The items called holy relics include the remains and blood of saints, the nails that crucified Christ, the holy cross, the thirty silver coins of Judas, and other items with the holy attribute. The members follow the “Eighth Sacrament” outside of the Sacraments of the Catholic Church, the seven graces that God bestows in the Catholic faith: Baptism, Holy Eucharist, Matrimony, Holy Orders, Confirmation, Penance, Anointing. It is a “Grace that doesn’t Exist” in the rightful faith or a “power separated from the faith”, meaning the members trained to retrieve the hidden relics do not fear being involved in heretical power such as magery to accomplish their goals. It is the lowest of the special agencies.
One aspect of their job is to watch over any claim of the Holy Grail, which has great importance in the doctrine of the Church. One such claim includes Fuyuki City’s Holy Grail War. The send a supervisor from the agency to act as a mediator between the Church and the Mage’s Association. As of the Fifth Holy Grail War, they are investigating the 726th claim of the Grail, and they are tasked with recovering it if it proves to be real, or disputing it if it proves to be false. In reality, they already know it is not the genuine artifact, and would generally ignore a special device which seeks the “Root”. The path leading to the root can be said to lead to the “outside” of the world, meaning that it will not bring any effect to the “inside.” The Church only cares about the visible world, and sees the magi’s pursuit as a meaningless plan. The ability for the Holy Grail to realize wishes is “omnipotent”, granting it unlimited, mysterious power to change even the “inside” of the world. Such a power could become an existence which threatens their belief, so they feel the need to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. They wish to guide the wish made with it, such as backing Tohsaka Tokiomi’s “boring, meaningless wish.” Tokiomi is one of the most right-winged magi, compared to others who would pursue the gifts of mundane riches, prestige, desires, power, all of which can be fulfilled “within” the world. He wishes to reach the root, which has nothing to do with the “inside.”

Burial Agency
The Burial Agency is a group of special Executors gathered by the Church, known as the most professional inquisitors. They are not meant to be exorcists, but simply those who kill demons. The organization operates and scouts entirely on ability. Anyone can become a member if they have the power and the will to destroy heretics and whatever else the Church finds “inconvenient.” Faith is a secondary condition, though they will baptize the members. It is made up of seven main members including the leader, and an eighth member in reserve. A talented Church member is chosen as the back up, but they change all the time because they die so quickly. They each work alone under most circumstances, and they will not cooperate with foreign demon hunting organizations. The members gain powerful privileges and influence, and they’ll even go against the wishes of the Church without orders to eliminate heretics. They’ll go as far as to skewer a Bishop if he is possessed, leading to whispers calling it the most heretical section of the Church.

The Church

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