Character Creation (Servants)

Servants are created as 12th level Anima characters, with the following restrictions.

-Servants cannot exist without a Master unless they have the Independent Action class skill. A Servant without this skill who strays beyond 1 mile of their Master, or is otherwise severed, disappears in a number of hours equal to half their Power statistic (rounded down). The Servant is then treated as dead, and removed from play.
-Servants are restricted in class choices by their Servant Class. A list of choices can be found on each Class’ wiki page.
-Servants generate characteristics by converting their Parameters into Anima characteristics, as follows:

  • A = 17
  • B = 15
  • C = 13
  • D = 11
  • E = 9

Each characteristic is then drawn from a Parameter, as follows:

  • AGI = Agility
  • CON = Endurance
  • DEX = Agility
  • STR = Strength
  • INT = Mana
  • PER = Luck
  • POW = Mana
  • WP = Endurance

-Servants have a 10th statistic called Luck or LUK. It is based on the Luck parameter in the same manner as those described above. LUK generates a bonus number like any other statistic. This value can be added to the result of any single roll a number of times per day based on the Servant’s Luck parameter. A Servant with Luck E can apply their LUK bonus once per day. A Servant with Luck D may apply it twice. Luck C can use it three times, and so on.
-A Servant’s statistics cannot be raised via points gained through leveling.
-A Servant is automatically considered to have Zen.
-All Servants have the innate ability to detect other Servants by their auras. Servants within one mile of each other can sense each other’s presence and rough location. This does not reveal any information about the Servant’s class, power, or abilities – just location. Servants of the Assassin class cannot be detected in this manner.
-Each Servant has a Noble Phantasm – physical representation of their legend. These are powerful abilities or weapons outside the normal rules of character creation, and will be determined on a case by case basis for each Servant.
-A Servant begins with any number of weapons of their choice, selected from the Equipment section of the Anima core rulebook. Their first weapon is of +10 quality, the second is +5, and all others are treated as normal weapons. A Servant’s weapons should reflect their identity as a Heroic Spirit. A weapon that is also a Noble Phantasm is instead of +20 quality.
-A Servant begins with a suit of armor appropriate for their identity. This armor is summonable and dismissable at will, without consuming an action, and is of +10 quality. Armor that is also part of the Servant’s Noble Phantasm is instead of +20 quality.

Character Creation (Servants)

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